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My name is Jessica Dubois and I am a primary teacher in a remote, Indigenous community in far north-west South Australia. I have been here for four years now and have taught primary classes and our preschool class.

2013 is an exciting year with loads happening:

While I enjoy all aspects of teaching, I have found a particular passion for literacy and see that without literate students (in both the local language, Pitjantjatjara, and in Standard Australian English), the educational gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians will never close.

Although we face significant challenges working and living in a remote community, the learning experiences we gain are huge. ¬†I am so grateful for what I have learnt over the past few years and can’t speak highly enough of giving teaching in such a different context a go.

Outside of school and all things education, I love to travel. I’m lucky to have a partner who teaches in the same community so we enjoy seeing the world as much as we can in our holidays.


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  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! I’ve been blogging for a year now – and it is definitely worth it.

    One of the unexpected bonuses to blogging is the ability to model authentic writing for students. Many of my students became inspired to start their own blogs based on their passions (dogs, horses, and more!).

    Have a great time blogging – I look forward to reading more.

    Janet | expateducator.com

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