Starting action

The idea of writing my own blog has been rattling around in my head for over a year now. I’m an avid reader of blogs, a consumer instead of a producer. I regularly read and see blog posts about the importance of blogging for educators. Here are a few that I’ve re-read on many occasions and all confirm the benefits of blogging as a reflective tool.

As I found these posts again, I noticed they were all written sometime in 2011. I read them in 2011 and saved them in diigo to re-read, thinking they’d kick me into creating my own. Interestingly, I don’t seem to have saved any from this year – I’m thinking maybe I’ve stopped reading any posts that look like they’ll reaffirm the power of blogging and as a result, remind me again that I’m yet to act on my intention.

But I heard something recently and it seems to be the push I needed. I am involved in the Education Changemaker program and the idea that

intentions without actions are worthless

was explored and really hit me. I have the intentions (to create a blog, to do this with my students, to do that with staff … the list goes on and on) and I think about these intentions constantly but I’m not taking it any further – I’m not acting. Aaron and Dave also encouraged us to

don’t worry, be crappy

So – here goes. This push comes at a great time. My learning over the past few weeks has been exponential. Crazy. So much is happening here. So much learning. So much thinking.

It’s time to start reflecting. 

I hope that by spending time reflecting and writing about my experiences, my thoughts, my challenges and my new understandings, I will continue to improve as an educator. Having this space to record and reflect, I believe, will help move my intentions to actions.

I hope, as Steve Wheeler said in 2011, blogging will raise my game.